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AgroForce hit the agricultural market in 2004. The path to success was difficult but right. Let’s introduce the main milestones that made it possible for our clients to buy pea and other crops (corn, soy, barley, wheat, chickpea, and millet) for the lowest prices. The company started with the staff of just 4 professionals and enthusiasts in the Kherson region. During the first two years, the crop was harvested from the square of 1663 acres. Only some seed drilling machines were involved in those times. In 2006, the square of the leasehold land increased up to 2392 acres. Three tractors and drip irrigation system added power to the company. The list of planted cereal and soy was expanded with onion and tomatoes. In 2007, the yield of the onion was 40 tons from 1 acre. The special quest expert from Netherland concluded that this product is number 1 in the whole of Europe taking into consideration its quality and yield of the crop from an acre. The total amount of the leasehold land grew up to 2474 acres. In 2008, 12 professionals were engaged in the agricultural process. The company bought a combine, built an advanced hangar on the American technology to store cereal and oilseed, and got the harvest of onion about 28 tons from 1 acre on the land of 198 acres. At the same time, the harvest of soy was near 1.3 tons from 1 acre. We could offer a low price for pea and other grain/vegetables. In 2009 AgroForce exported its onion to Poland. Next year, we bought one more powerful tractor and a planter Rapid 4.0. In 2011 we built a borehole and started growing early carrots and onion for planting. The warehouse was remodeled as a fridge with the ventilation projected on the Holland company Agrovent’s tech. It allowed storing 1900 tons of onion. In 2013, we got the crop of corn near 5.4 tons/acre under drip irrigation. The yield of soy increased up to 13 cwt/acre. 20 employees had been engaged already. In 2014, 24 pros worked hard on the leased land of 2510 acres. The office was enhanced and well equipped.

Since then the largest network supermarkets are the AgroForce’s clients. Silpo, ATB, Sungrant are among our partners that value the three out keystones:

  • Products’ quality.
  • Timeliness of delivery.
  • Adherence of the agreements.

One can buy wholesale yellow pea and other grain getting the best offers. Contact us to cooperate on favorable terms when getting the top-notch products that stand up to the highest standards. 

AgroForce’s Main Advantages

Nowadays, AgroForce Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of the Ukrainian agricultural market. One of our business goals is to meet our clients’ needs and requirements. We have been working on the market for 10 years already and cooperate with several partners for 4 years for now. Let’s deal with the other advantages that turn into your profit automatically.

  • Modern machinery to farm the land.
  • Specially designed warehouses for more than 10.000 tons of grain to save its quality and features.
  • Fresh, dry, and benign grain with its inherent smell, gloss, and color.
  • Low price of pea per ton (the same relates to other products).
  • Certificates and documents for a certain product.

The specifics of our farming let us get cereal and beans without substantial impurities and exclude insect infestations. The advanced machinery and techs ensure the highest volumes and quality of harvest from year to year. The rational resource allocation allows offering the most lucrative pea price per ton, as well as beneficial conditions of purchase of other products.

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